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Organic Cacao Ambrosia Tea

Organic Cacao Ambrosia Tea

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Our Organic Cacao Ambrosia Tea is a unique and indulgent beverage crafted from the outer shells of cacao pods grown on an estate farm in Cameroon that are processed in BC.

Once infused, the shells deliver a complex flavour profile capturing by the subtle bitterness of dark chocolate, along with warm, nutty undertones. This tea provides has depth and is an indulgence, capturing the essence of chocolate both on the nose and in the aftertaste. 

Enjoy the richness of our Organic Cacao Ambrosia Tea on its own, or enhance your experience by adding a splash of milk or a drizzle of honey. Pair it with desserts like chocolate-based pastries or fruit tarts for a delightful treat.

Is there another way you can get calorie free chocolate?

Each 70 gram bag yields 30-35 servings of tea

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