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Dairy Free Drinking Chocolate

Dairy Free Drinking Chocolate

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This dairy free hot chocolate is made with the finest ingredients.  Using cocoa and chocolate chunks produced from ethically sourced pods imported from an estate farm in Cameroon and roasted and ground in BC, we have created a warm, dark chocolate in a cup. This exquisite beverage not only provides a velvety and indulgent hot chocolate experience but also celebrates the unique flavours of sustainably grown cacao. This region's unique terroir imparts distinct characteristics to the cacao beans, resulting in a chocolate that boasts deep, earthy notes with subtle hints of fruitiness, creating a complex and refined flavour profile.

Adding dairy will change the sweetness profile.

You can add it to your coffee to create a marvelous mocha.

Enjoy it with vegan marshmallows or a dollop of dairy-free whipped cream for an extra touch of decadence.

One 170g bag yields 10-12 servings

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